Meet the designers: Morgana & Gerren Lamson

We got by with a little help from new friends.

To see if our idea for newsprint gift wrap would fly, we needed to send something to press. Thing was, we needed patterns first. As luck would have it, and through friends of friends, Wrappily was connected with Morgana and Gerren Lamson, a husband and wife design duo from Austin, TX who were generously willing to invest their time and talent into our concept. Their patterns (scallops/ raindrops and opihi/ comets) rocked and Wrappily was born. 

What can we say but Thank You. One hundred times over, Thank You!

  Satchel & Sage: Hand-pulled 12.5" x 19" silkscreen poster

Satchel & Sage: Hand-pulled 12.5" x 19" silkscreen poster

Morgana and Gerren are both illustrators and graphic designers.With nature as their muse, their styles blend hand-drawn typography, playful illustrations, and sophisticated patterns. Together they collaborate on Satchel & Sage, a sweet line of handmade goods, stationery, and textiles. A visit their Etsy shop will not disappoint.

We look forward to future collaborations with this creative team. We're excited to see what inspired pattern ideas they have in store for Wrappily.