A Bouquet For Mom - Get Set For Mother's Day Success

Up your card-and-flowers game this Mother's Day by hand making a bouquet that will outlast anything picked at the store. Craft these bouquets by easily converting our DIY paper flower kits (read on, we'll explain how). With a field of pattern collections to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect match for Mom—flowers as sweet and colorful as Mom, herself .

Our gift to you: all flower kits are 25% off through May 10.  Let's do this... for mom!

New! Tropical Brights – for moms who crave color and having fun in the sun. Throw in a new pair of shades, a Turkish beach towel, or a pair of earrings to really brighten her day.

What you will need:

2 Wrappily Flower Kits
6-12 "stems"
hot glue gun (optional)

Assemble the flowers as directed, but do not mount them on the clothespins as the kit presents.

Prepare your stems. We experimented with extra-long wooden cooking skewers and thin wooden dowels from the craft store (.125" width), but get creative—thin branches, or even colorful drinking straws, would work. Create varying heights by trimming the dowels down or attaching two together. For an added pop of color, paint your stems or wrap them with washi tape

Another way to jazz up the flowers is to use pinking sheers or scallop-edged scissors to trim your petals.

Using hot glue or the Glue Dots provided in your kit, adhere the stem to the back of the flower, covering with an additional paper petal shape for a clean look. 

Find a vase or vessel for your bouquet. To make the arrangement, fill halfway with sand, marbles, small pebbles, sea shells—whatever creatively suits your needs and will hold the flowers in place as you arrange them. 

Voilà! A handmade bouquet that mom will treasure for months.


Petal-Perfect Picks:

These sweet, muted tones are perfect for moms who have a romantic side and love to curl up with a good book and hot cup of tea. The best gift you can give her? A little peace and quiet.

Mom as down-to-Earth as they come? Does she love being in nature, hiking, or perhaps gardening? These true colors are a perfect pairing. Surprise her with a fun day outdoors, a picnic, and a new sun hat or work gloves.

Southwest Flair Kit

Jewel Tones Kit

If mom favors white space and clean lines, these pastels will do the trick. Slip a spa certificate in the mix to send her to her happy place.

Does mom have an artsy side? Pair these bold Bohemian colors with a rustic vase, hand painted card, and some world beat music.

Pastels Kit

Gypsy Flower Kit